Author: Ekasha Najam

  • Facebook vs Google War

    Google an American multinational company stands with its very own dominant presence as one of the most popular internet services and products in the world, and covers almost everything that exists in this universe regarding to the information. Its rapid growth increases on internet increases its stronghold on internet by its powerful search engine and online services including Google+ , Google drive and Gmail.

  • Escaping flu the easy way

    ‎We see that when the flu season comes, most probably when the weather changes, be it from summer to winters or the other way around, people tend to feel irritated and carry a box of tissues, sniffing their nose regularly and coughing too when the things get tougher. Majority of the time sore throat and fever supplement the common cold.

  • Comics By Arslan

    The Desi Comicstar

    Majority of the people would have heard or read about Arsalan Naseer the founder of Comics by arsalan. What started out as a simple jig towards real life scenarios has been the source of stardom? I remember seeing a face book page by the name of comics by arsalan in which he showcased his art as well as portray a picture of the society in a sarcastic way and today he has a website, thousands of likes on face book and more or less the same amount of followers on twitter.

  • Can Ebola virus spread in Pakistan ?

    A lot has been said and written about the EBOLA virus, but let’s look into the facts as to what the disease is and a little background about it.
    The disease was previously called the Ebola hemorrhage fever. It was first discovered in 1976 near the Ebola River in what is now the democratic republic of Congo.
    The outbreak of this epidemic has been reported in the areas of West Africa and 2-3 people have been diagnosed with it in the state of Houston.