First of all, I want to apologize for using such a rude and foul language in this article. I am testing a new type of blog where everything is freestyle(F**ked up). Where people can say whatever the F**k they want. Pakistani Lad is on a mission to make news and history fun and interesting.

Coming to fucking Smog, We all know that this smog is the result of our enemy mulk India Chutiya. We know that other factors like cars, deforestation, and gays are also contributing in making our climate more fucked up.

Ab pata chala gaya hai kis ki waja se hua hai likin ab fix kon karaye ga isko. Barish to lagta hai kabhi honi nae hai. 3 months se wait kar k thaak gaye han. Ab haal kiya hai iska. I am sick of this air personally. I have to use inhaler 10 times a day along with other tablets. For how long this shitty weather will continue to fuck my lungs. Cigarette penay ka bi mazaa nae araha hai aj kal. Even my dog is coughing these days due to this chutiya smog. I request Environmental Departmental Cock suckers and Nawaz Sharif k koi to action lay loo bc.

Kuch arsay baad humay sans laynay Thailand ya London jana paraye ga. Islamabad aur Lahore mein mask pehna compulsory hojaye ga. Seriously I think this can happen in coming years if people keep ignoring this air pollution.


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