Category: Showbiz

  • Malikriazmovie

    Malik Riaz An Inspiration

    If there ever was anything like a Pakistani Donald Trump than surely Malik Riaz would have fitted into that category. For it is this very man who solely through his vision and hard work has changed the face of the Pakistani real estate market.

  • Comics By Arslan

    The Desi Comicstar

    Majority of the people would have heard or read about Arsalan Naseer the founder of Comics by arsalan. What started out as a simple jig towards real life scenarios has been the source of stardom? I remember seeing a face book page by the name of comics by arsalan in which he showcased his art as well as portray a picture of the society in a sarcastic way and today he has a website, thousands of likes on face book and more or less the same amount of followers on twitter.