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  • annoying people on facebook

    The most annoying people on Facebook!

    No we do not want to place allegations on someone directly. It’s just something we need everyone to be conscious about. After all we all need to be conscious our end, as annoying people on facebook are often the last ones to realize after they’ve done a lot of damage to all of those in their friend lists. Go through all these ‘symptoms’ to confirm whether you’re (hopefully) not one of them before it’s too late.

  • e-car

    E-Cars fast becoming a reality!

    Though Pixar’s animated film Cars might not become a reality anytime soon nevertheless judging by the amounts invested in R and D by top tech firms in the world on what can rightfully be termed as e-travelling; it’s only a matter of time before smart cars become a reality.

  • future-technology

    Technology Today – Invading The Minds

    While necessity is the mother of invention, change is hard to embrace as well. Whenever there is a wave of change, people become a part of it with skepticism, however, not long after that, it becomes a necessity. Same is the case with every new era of technology: it effects everyone and everything, it changes the way we do stuff, it changes our points of view and the whole economy.

  • facebook legacy contact

    Facebook Adds New ‘Legacy Contact’ For After You Die

    For the first time in human history, we can finally leave an after death memorial of ourselves, on Internet.

    The world’s biggest online social network said that it will now let users pick someone who can manage their account after they die. Previously, the accounts were “memorialized” after death, or locked so that no one could log in.

  • foodpandapk Acquired By Food Panda

    Five years ago, anybody acquiring an online food delivery web portal would have been considered crazy in Pakistan. That no longer seems to be the case as one of the country’s leading online food delivery giant was acquired by Food panda.

  • porkforbidden

    Why Pork Is Forbidden In Islam?

    “You are what you eat” – Native American proverb. This small proverb is one which sums it all up why pork is forbidden in Islam. A pig is the filthiest of all animals which eats everything from filth to its own babies.