icc cricket world cup 2015

Though we all know the world cup is highly unlikely to arrive on our shores but with 15 days to go the cricket craze is definitely reaching its peak.

To be honest somehow our brilliant bowlers always get into trouble just before the big event. Last time it was Mohammad Aamir and Mohammad Asif of spot fixing fame. This time it’s Saeed Ajmal for his bowling angle. Are we jinxed? Perhaps.

Yet optimism remains after all wasn’t it just last time that the brilliant Afridi despite all odds managed to sneak in our team into the world cup semi-final.

Wasn’t it in 1992 that Imran Khan with a ragtag team managed to bring home the cup?

And the kids too are going crazy as the world cup finally gives them too a chance for a few extra outings and maybe if luck favors the opportunity to win some extra bucks from the gambler uncle.

As far as our good old najoomis are concerned they too have an opportunity to roll in a few extra bucks though it was only last time that all their predictions went wrong. But they are still in business.

Whatever might be the case, the scene is set for an epic clash as the best of the best (though we must exclude the Scotland, Hong Kong and Namibia from this) go on to compete for the golden cup in the heat of Austraila.

And this time with the invincible Aussies having crumbled after Ricky Pointing’s retirement no clear winner seems to be in sight thus bringing us an equal opportunity world cup.

And well poor Aamir might have made his way back but too late to be of any use here. Only if the unfortunate Ajmal was present maybe our chances of winning might have been higher. But overall the world cup is on and we are in it. If only luck could favor the old Misbah.

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