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The socially enabled call center is the one that simply uses social media to interact with customers effectively and engage them towards a more productive attitude. Moreover, the socially enabled call center is not only limited to just one or two channels, like the live-chat or voice calls, but it efficiently uses different social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. to manage customer interactions.

If you are a call center owner, you must know that the world of customer services is constantly changing and social media have now proved to be the most reliable driving force behind the constant change.  According to a recent report; by the end of 2020, the customers will effectively manage their 90% of the customer service issues without even communicating with the live agent. This basically means that all the social media channels which have been used for customer services today would even be continued to grow as a preference for solving the complicated issues in the years ahead.

So what does it means for a call center? The future call centers need to be more customer-centric by adapting advanced call center solutions in Pakistan, in which the involvement of social media is the ‘must considered’ factor. For instance, we need to ensure that our customer is satisfied & happy with the assistance and they are getting individual attention and feedback regarding every issue. But how would you ensure this thing? Well, here is some couple of the ways to ensure excellent customer service while developing a socially enabled call center.

  1. Choose customer-centric agentsAny person can be efficiently trained to answer different queries and solve problems of the customers, but there are also some people that have an ability of “keeping calm” in the midst of hard conversation and they know how to diffuse a frustrated customer’s emotions.  People with such great strength must need to be placed on the forefront in order to deliver best customer service experiences. Hiring people who have knowledge about asking right questions, and providing complete understanding or reassurance that the customer’s concern would be efficiently resolved at the first place while building best customer support solutions that can set your brand apart from the competition.
  2. Increase response time across multiple channels:  Today social media has simply made everything easy and simple. Because only a single negative interaction with your company and the word can be out on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter in just a nano-second. How quickly the agents will respond to all such interactions cam eventually make or break the reputation of your brand.  But a socially enabled call center would be carefully monitoring all such channels constantly and will respond accordingly to solve all the complicated issues. The more active your call center is across social media channels, the much better it will gain.

So, these are the two major factors that need to be considered while developing a socially enabled call center. If you are looking for more, do visit VoIP Terminator and keep yourself updated.

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