How to ease the life of call centers with predictive dialers?

predictive dialers for call center
predictive dialers for call center

Predictive dialers are now been using extensively in call center industry and telemarketing companies to enhance outbound call efficiency. A few years back, the call center agents have to make several calls to their potential clients from their already maintained database. After that, they need to wait for that client to attend the call. Most of the time, that call goes unanswered or may end up with the busy tone and even receive a non-satisfying answer from the answering machine. This process is called manual dialing, which is more error-prone, slow and tedious.

Predictive dialer and its functions:

With the advent of VOIP technology, call center solutions are completely changed and have become more user-friendly, robust and improved.  With the help of predictive dialing, the computerized predictive dialer will route the calls answered by the real agents only. Hence it drops the busy tones or unanswered calls etc. Predictive dialer dial out the numbers based on the availability of the agents. The dialer will dial out the call from the already provided database. In case of the outbound call center, if there are 50 call center agents available to make a call; then the predictive dialer will only dial 50 calls. It will drop all the unanswered calls, the busy lines, or the answering machine etc. By doing this, all the call center agents would be kept busy with their clients.

Predictive dialer reduces the call drop rates as well. Previously, when predictive dialers were not so common, call drop rate was so high. So, after making the call, if the agent was not available due to any reason then calls drop automatically after a brief moment of silence. This was quite annoying to the customer as well. Now in US & UK, there is a very strict regulation about how we should use this system to make the efficient communication flow.

Some main functions included:

  • Dial multiple calls simultaneously based on the agent’s availability
  • Wait for the agent wrap up before making next call
  • Dial alternate numbers with dialing rules
  • Scalable to thousands of calls per minute

What are the benefits offered by predictive dialers?

There are multiple benefits offered by predictive dialers. Some of them are outlined below:

  • Increase agents productivity
  • Reduce operational costs
  • No hardware/ equipment associated
  • Time-saving- agents can save their time by no longer needing to dial different customers
  • Call centers can simply optimize their sales process by contacting potential leads with great precision, best efficiency, and increase the sales or customer satisfaction by engaging different customers.

With the advent of all these efficient call center solutions and software, the life of call center agents has become easier. Because they don’t need to waste their time on manual dialing which is much prone to errors and non-efficiency. But with the help of predictive dialer, all the call center agents can effectively utilize their time and can increase their overall productivity.

Therefore, if you are looking for a fully hosted predictive dialer solution for your call center, you can simply consider the professional help to set up the complete software in a cost-effective way.