MeraPlan is Pakistan’s first online travel marketplace. It was initially launched in mid-2015. According to, MeraPlan is onboard with 200 travel & tour operators. Moreover, it is mentioned that more than 500+ air tickets and tours have been booked using Mera Plan platform in a short span of time. Furthermore, Mera Plan also provides the air tickets.

Talking to Danish the Founder and CEO of MeraPlan, he told us that “This startup can help a traveler get rates for air ticket, plan tours, book hajj, umrah & ziyarat. Furthermore, the traveler can compare prices, read reviews & make a booking all on one site.”

MeraPlan also offers travel assistance on chat. You can directly call or text on their number to get the cheapest air ticket or book tour.


Danish says their goal for Mera Plan is to help other travelers get where they want to go without all the hassles most people currently face. He further added that “We are soon to launch an updated version which is Mera Plan 2.0. It has amazing features, likes the one which we have never seen in Pakistan’s travel/tour market. The update is very promising and will be revolutionizing.”

If you are planning a tour or wants to buy an air ticket then you contact @MeraPlan via:

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