This new startup has stunned everyone. However, everyone is asking if this is for real or just a prank. Well, we think most probably a prank. Real-Life Transporter for Hire

With the descriptions of its services, “Transporter for Hire” facebook page tells us indirectly that it might be a very exclusive car-booking company. We’re still not sure it isn’t.  According to the Facebook page, there are 3 rules one must follow if you want to avail this services:

Rule Number 1: “Once the deal is made, it is final”

Rule Number 2: “No names”

Rule Number 3: “Never open the package.”

These rules are straight from “The Transporter” Movie. God knows if it is providing the same service from the movie. We tried to contact him on the phone and it was not answered. After few minutes it was turned off and it was posted on their facebook page that they are only taking queries from the Facebook page.

One guy recently shared his facebook conversation with The Transporter:


This guy is too expenisve. Check out their facebook page: The Transporter

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