ringless voicemail for business

Ringless voicemail is an efficient technology that allows the marketer to send the voice message on the user’s cell phone without actually making a call. This amazing technology is now able to replace the wireless cellular network.

The best attribute is, the technology connects to the voicemail server of the cellular provider directly by using the traditional business landline. After this, the server properly delivers the message to the customer’s voice mail server; and then sends an alert or a notification that your customer has received a new voicemail message.

Ringless voicemail; do not interrupt the customer during his busy day             

The major problems with cold calling are that it usually interrupts the user during his busy schedule. The person may be busy at work or spending quality moments with his family, and then the annoying promotional call can ultimately destroy his mood. That’s why cold calling always seems much intrusive as well as interruptive. It generally forces the user to switch his attention from what he is occupied with and spend time with the person on the phone that they may have least interest in talking to. But when a person receives a ringless voicemail drop from a telemarketer, he would never be informed about it; as it won’t create any noise or disturbance during their meetings or busy schedule.

Low complaint rate:                        

In case of ringless voicemail, people do not get annoyed, since they are not disturbed, so they don’t bother and do not complain. For this reason, ringless voicemail drop has a quite low complaint rate. The advocates of this technology use this point in their argument that, because it doesn’t have lots of complaints, the technology must be allowed.

Customers don’t need to pay:

Another argument was raise about cold calling and ringless voicemail solution is that these marketing methods usually bear a lot of costs to users. As with cold calling, the users may need to for the incoming call. With ringless voicemail, customers do not need to pay anything as they will only listen to the voice message from the agent and follow the instructions for further queries.

Call rate is comparatively high:

A simple ringless voicemail message usually ends with the offer to initiate a random callback and take advantage of that promotional message. This is exactly how most of the businesses can measure the success rate of their ringless voicemail campaigns. They can easily track and monitor how many callbacks they have got today. They can even track how many users have visited their website and stop by their physical location of the business after getting a call from the agent or telemarketer.

After reviewing all the above-mentioned points, it’s easy to make a decision whether ringless voicemail is a better option or not; if you have trouble finding a reliable solution or looking for a professional advice, you can also consult with VoIP Terminator experts to get more details about its uses, features, functionality, and benefits.

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