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Call centers have now become an important part of everyday life. People want immediate answers to their queries, so inbound call centers are intended to provide assistance to solve the issues in a professional way. Similarly, outbound call centers also experience the same situation when they sell their products/services. But have you ever noticed why these pleasant voices on the other end of the phone do not lose their calm even when they are being shouted at? The answer to this question lies in the culture of call centers, where every call is recorded and monitored carefully. Call centers have strict Standard Operating Procedures. Therefore, the behavior of every call center agent is managed by establishing tough training sessions where they learn how to make their voice tone calm & friendly.

Interview with call center agents (CSA):

Outbound call center agents experience most awkward situation because they have to make calls to their prospects or customers to sell the services, and in return, they are being yelled, humiliated and even abused.

In order to understand this outbound call center culture more clearly, we have interviewed some hard working call center agents who have been to this industry for past 4 years.

Asim was working in a call center named VoIP Terminator; he shared his experience and said ‘some customers cross all the boundaries of respect and dignity when they are unclear about any issue.’

He further added; “We have to keep our emotions in check and let the customer speak whatever he wants.  After listening to his queries, we apply our behavioral tactics to calm him down.” He also told that; “We also hear harsh comments on a daily basis just because we are the only people representing the company. So, it is our duty to coordinate professionally and efficiently.”

We also talked to Nida, who is a customer support agent. She said that some callers cross the limit and use offensive words with the female employees. She said, “Sometimes these irritating calls also burst me into tears, I feel my confidence is shattered and I should quit this job.” She even said that call centers in Pakistan should also maintain some counseling sessions for females who are facing these issues.

A short comparison with other jobs:

Every call center agent is expected to answer at least 300 calls in a day. This tough target leaves most of the agents with choked vocal cords. Imagine how it feels, when you have to stick to your chair for a nine-hour shift; you are allowed only two breaks of 30 minutes which are not even decided by you but your department in-charge. Many people feel that they have no social life and they are failed to find some relaxing moments with their family. When we compare this with other jobs such as admin, marketing manager, finance manager where the workers are free to enjoy the flexible timings with one hour break for lunch, a tea break, and short breaks for prayers and do not forget to include the gossip or smoking breaks during working hours.

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